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  • Sara Van Acker

    Sara Van Acker was awarded the Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship on February 7th, 2009.

    She has since graduated from New York University's Tisch School of the Arts (class of 2009) and has now, a year later, completed a draft of her screenplay Bloodlust under the guidance of mentor Marshall Brickman.

    Sara explains the origins of Bloodlust: "Three years ago during lunch with a couple of writers, somebody in the group started listing “out-of-the-box” pairings for screenplay ideas: Werewolves and Abe Lincoln, Children Arms Dealers and Female Pirates. While the rest of the table discussed kindergartners swapping Uzis, I fixated on the idea of female pirates."

    Bloodlust won first place in the 2010 Bahamas International Film Festival’s Filmmakers’ Residency Program and recently advanced to the semi-final round of the 2011 Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting! Of 6,730 scripts entered, hers was one of the top 100 scripts. Read HERE for the list of Fellowship recipients.

    Read more about Bloodlust in the Pitchbook.