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Kat Honaker

Kat Honaker (aka Uncle Sam’s Mistress) one of our recent participants during our Helen Deutsch Writing Workshop for Caregivers in June, writes about her experience in New York and meeting interesting people along the way.

Kat states of the opportunity to share her story, “I am quite honored and stunned, as it truly means the world to me. Maybe it's because for the first time I am being recognized for just me and my writing and not something that has to do with my husband? I don't have many accomplishments in the past four years that is just solely mine, as selfish as that sounds. Sometimes I think that's needed for the broken minds of spouses and caregivers of our wounded. I am sincerely honored and would love for you to utilize my story.”

What I Learned On the Cracked Streets of New York

This past June, I was invited to attend a trip to the Big Apple (That's New York for you non-city slickers) for a Writer's Guild sponsored by the Wounded Warrior Project. Now this small, moo-cow town, semi-misplaced, semi-country girl indeed experienced one hell of a culture shock heading into the city that never sleeps. Between the airport, driving into downtown Manhattan in a cab (which by the way could give you PTSD just from the traffic and the way folks drive out there) and just the jittery nerves of meeting other women like me, had me wound tighter than Dick's hat band! It was go go go from the start, and with the constant traffic and sounds of the city....I found myself missing those early hours with quiet, my moo cows and roosters crowing in the distance.

Since I take my coffee intravenously in the mornings, the one tiny, tea bag coffee filter in a one cup maker just wasn't going to do it for me. I rose way too early on Saturday morning and went in search for the elusive large suicide cup of coffee. As if God was on my side, it led me around the corner where angels started singing and bright lights illuminated in the form of a Dunkin Doughnuts sign. So in the early hours of the morning, I sat outside and watched the food vendors set up for the day, businesses washing off the sidewalks in front, the trash being set out and just listened to the bit of silence that New York City could offer me.

To read more of Kat's story, please click here.

Kat's Bio
Kat Honaker is an Army Reservist, Disabled Veteran's wife and advocate for families who were reunited with soldiers who returned home from war as different people. Through brutal honesty and candid details on her blog, Living with PTSD and TBI, she has given readers an insider's view into the battles with a broken system that doesn't know how to heal our Veterans or help their families. She has fought for a better system and continues to provide education and support to other military families who fight the same war on the home front she does every day. Kat Honaker is well known in the online military world and loved by her readers who consider her a trusted soul. She is a proud mother to three boys, full-time caregiver to her husband, and gives a voice to all those who are unable to find theirs. She currently resides in Moo-cow Town, USA where she plans to write a book based on her experiences and those of others.