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"My Dear Friend"

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Carlette "Sassy" Satterwhite

Have you ever dreamed of working with an ingenious person who loves to go that extra mile in helping people succeed? Carlette Satterwhite fulfills that dream through compassion and grace. Carlette was born in Austin, Texas as a true enterpriser. She is better known as Sassy Michele, because family, colleagues, and friends acknowledges her strong will mentality of being focused on what God wants her to achieve in both her professional and personal environment. Sassy’s life experiences nurtured and gained from childhood, to time served in the United States Armed Forces, and the entertainment industry has bestowed upon her the skills, abilities, and talents to be a strong servant leader in the community. Sassy’s desire to serve according to the will of God has made her inquisitive, versatile, adaptable, and resourceful in helping people achieve milestones in their lives. She advises people of all ages to follow their dreams because it is never too late to accomplish goals in life. Although unforeseen situations arise and temporarily set one back, anything is possible of overcoming as long as one never gives up and keeps pushing forward. Sassy believes in encouraging and inspiring people to constantly strive to improve self while reaching for higher success in life no matter their circumstances in life.

“What matters most to me is to finish what God started.” Acts 20:24 MSG
A good manager can control what is in their control. A leader does that, but also builds strong people.” (Unknown)