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  • Antal Zambo

    Antal Zambo was awarded the Michael Collyer Memorial Fellowship on February 10th, 2010.

    He is now a graduate of Wayne State University's Film Studies Program in Detroit (class of 2010). He was born and raised in Detroit, where his grandparents emigrated from Lithuania immediately after World War II to work in the industrial plants there. Both his father and his uncles worked on Detroit's automobile assembly lines. Lithuanian cultural traditions were proudly maintained within his family household and Zambo embraced both his Lithuanian and American cultural heritages.

    Marshal Brickman says of him, "Antal has a fresh voice with a unique point of view, rare in someone of his relatively young age. His sensibility is informed by his immigrant background and expressed through an impressively large talent. I look forward to working with him on his screenplay project, When the Sparrows Come Home, and I hope I can learn something from him, because it's not always the teacher who does the teaching or the mentor the mentoring."

    Antal recently went to Lithuania to research his screenplay, which you can read about here.